Sponsored Ministries – Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph

Sponsored Ministries

Sponsored Ministries are vibrant expressions of the CSJ mission of unity. Always moving toward excellence, we serve the dear neighbor in the manner of Jesus, manifesting God’s active, inclusive, unifying love, through hospitality, generosity, service and zeal. Our sponsored ministries currently include:

People Program
New Orleans, LA

River’s Edge: A Place For Reflection and Action
Cleveland, OH

Saint Joseph Academy
Cleveland, OH

St. Joseph’s Academy
Baton Rouge, LA

St. Joseph Adoption Ministry
Kansas City, KS

St. Joseph Health Initiative
Wheeling, WV

St. Joseph Spirituality Center
Baton Rouge, LA

School and Tutors on Wheels
LaGrange Park, IL

Sheridan Village
Wichita, KS

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