From September 1st through October 4th, we celebrate the Season of Creation, a time when the world unites to pray and care for all creation. Over the next five weeks, the Congregation of St. Joseph will offer prayers, reflections, and actions that you can take to help our common home. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or here to join us in celebrating this Season of Creation.

September 1 – Season of Creation Prayer

September 2 – What is Oikos? 

September 3 – Scripture Celebrates Creation 

September 4 – Reflection on Earth as Our Home

September 5 – Lifting the Earth in Prayer

September 6 – Reflecting on Our Role in Creation

September 7 – Scripture Celebrates Creation

September 8 – Pope Francis Speaks on Creation

September 9 – How Can We Take Action?

September 10 – A Prayer for Humility

September 11 – Wisdom from Laudato Si’

September 12 – Praise Be to You!

September 13 – Wisdom from Laudato Si’

September 14 – Peacemaking as Home-Building

September 15 – Scripture Provides Wisdom

September 16 – We Are Creation Too!

September 17 – How Can We Be Peacemakers?

September 18 – Prayer for a Peaceful Home

September 19 – Reflecting on Our Role in Creation

September 20 – A Home for All

September 21 – Cherishing the Earth

September 22 – What Are We Being Called To?

September 23 – Scripture Celebrates Creation

September 24 – The Urgency of Climate Change

September 25 – A Prayer for Transformation

September 26 – What Actions Can We Take?

September 27 – Shaping the Future

September 28 – Supporting Bold Action

September 29 – As the Season Turns

September 30 – A Prayer for the Changing Seasons

October 1 – Reason to Hope

October 2 – Conserving and Safeguarding Land

October 3 – A Prayer for Commitment and Action 

October 4 – Dear Mother Earth

Want to learn more about the work we do to help care for creation? Learn about the steps we’re taking to to strengthen, heal, and renew the face of Earth.

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