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Our Work

Welcoming the Stranger.

“You shall treat the alien who resides with you no differently than the natives born among you; you shall love the alien as yourself; for you, too, were once aliens.” (Leviticus 19.34)

We work on the front lines with immigrants and asylum seekers in various capacities around the country, and we work to educate, raise awareness, spark conversation and effect change to immigration legislation, always with hearts full of the inclusive love of Christ.

Here are just a few examples of our work:

Sister Erin McDonald and Freedom House

Sister Erin McDonald, CSJ, works as a case manager at Freedom House in Detroit, a transitional home for indigent survivors of torture and persecution from around the world who are seeking asylum in the United States or Canada. Guided by the belief that all persons deserve to live free from oppression and to be treated with dignity, justice and compassion, Freedom House offers a continuum of care and services to its residents and to other refugees in need. Sister Erin helps residents navigate the process of becoming self-sufficient to start new lives in the United States, often complicated by political, legal, emotional, and financial challenges. Click here to view a short message from Sister Erin.

Taller De José

Taller De José (Joseph’s Workshop) in Chicago is a sponsored ministry of the Congregation of St. Joseph that connects people to services and services to people. Begun in 2005 by Sisters Carol Crepeau, CSJ, Kathy Brazda, CSJ, and Rev. Robert Casey, Taller De José offers companionship and personal attention to people who have difficulty finding their way in a complex social system. Rather than duplicate existing services, Taller seeks to collaborate with other agencies to make social services more accessible to a population in need. Staff members are trained to listen to clients to assess the services they need and then accompany them in the process of finding those resources.

Systemic Change

In addition to direct service, our Sisters and Associates advocate for systemic change of policies and laws which seek to exclude or marginalize the dear neighbor wherever they may be. We stand with and for immigrants, refugees, and migrants by seeking to educate and raise awareness of the injustices regularly experienced by these at-risk populations. We are also members of and support organizations such as LCWR (Leadership Conference of Women Religious), and the Federation of Sisters of St. Joseph, which seek just immigration reform and defend DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).


Statements of Support

In addition to the many ways we work with immigrants and asylum seekers on the front lines, the Congregation of St. Joseph also supports statements made by the U.S. Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph and the the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, organizations of which we are members. Read the most recent statement made by the U.S. Federation, calling for the welcome and humane treatment of arriving immigrants here,  as well as the LCWR statement regarding keeping children and families together here.

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