Grants and Partnerships

The Congregation of St. Joseph has partnerships with organizations ranging from grass-roots initiatives to well-established entities all over the world.

The Generous Promise Grant Fund was established to support these endeavors which are consistent with the Congregation’s mission of unity, reconciliation and to our Generous Promises. The Generous Promises are four statements of how we incarnate our mission in the world. You can read them here: Generous Promises.

Grantmaking Focus

The Generous Promise Grant Fund awards grants to organizations and community projects that have a current or historical connection with the Congregation of St. Joseph. Change grants focus on systemic change (see Glossary of Terms): West Virginia and Sponsored Ministry Grants actualize the values of any one of the Generous Promises:

  • Promoting systemic change (focusing on issues of human rights and basic human needs);
  • Strengthening/healing the earth (sustaining Earth’s resources rooted in solidarity with and integrity of all creation);
  • Developing a culture of inclusivity and mutuality (shifting from the prevailing global culture of institutionalized power and  privilege);
  • Strengthening leadership abilities (developing leaders who will bring a commitment and competence to the issues of a global family).


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