Our Work – Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph

Our Work

The Congregation of St. Joseph is dedicated to caring for our common home, including taking steps to strengthen, heal, and renew the face of Earth.

We work to care for all creation in a number of ways:


The Congregation is committed to sustainability. All of our centers recycle, have discontinued the use of bottled water, use cloth napkins, and compost. Whenever possible, fair trade products are used, not only to help producers in developing countries, but also to promote sustainable farming. Our sisters also make an effort to use vehicles that are eco-friendly and are working to reduce our carbon footprint by downsizing our centers.


 Systemic Change

The Congregation supports initiatives that will bring about environmental change. This includes issuing public statements in support of changes that will have a positive effect on our planet, such as our statement on Climate Change, which you can read here. We also take part in activism to bring about change, by attending relevant marches and United Nations Commissions, and responding to calls to action for our world. We also work to raise awareness in others about the plight of our planet by sharing stories in our magazine, ImagineONE, as well as on our social media channels.


Supporting Ministries

We support initiatives that work to alleviate those in food deserts, such as Grow Ohio Valley in Wheeling, WV and Grow Dat in New Orleans, LA. By providing these ministries with our time and talents, we’re not only helping encourage sustainable local farming, but also helping bring healthy foods to those in need.



Statements of Support

In addition to the many ways we work to care for our common home, the Congregation of St. Joseph also supports statements made by the U.S. Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph and the the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, organizations of which we are members. Read the most recent statement made by the U.S. Federation on climate change here and the most recent statement on our opposition to the Trump Administration’s Affordable Clean Energy Rule here.

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