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Sisters from Tipton Find Home in Nazareth Center

Tipton Sisters of St. Joseph standing by the Risen Christ Figure, which was brought from St. Joseph Center in Tipton, and is now in the Dining Room at Nazareth Center in Kalamazoo. From left to right: Sisters Dorothy Gall, Damien Fitzsimmons, Ruth Harber, Cora Thoman, and Danielle Garst.

Several sisters from the Congregation of St. Joseph in Tipton, IN. recently relocated from St. Joseph Center in Tipton, to live with sisters from the Congregation of St. Joseph at our Nazareth Center in Kalamazoo, MI.

On Wednesday, November 21, some of these sisters presented the sisters at Nazareth with a figure of the Risen Christ which had been in the entrance way of the Tipton Center as a sign of welcome to all. This loving and familiar reminder of their Center has now found a home in the Dining Room at Nazareth, and will continue to be a sign of welcome and hospitality to all who come to visit or share a meal.  
Sisters of St. Joseph from Tipton and Nazareth planting jonquils, which were given by the CSJ Leadership Team, at Nazareth Center in Kalamazoo and covering them with holy ground brought from St. Joseph Center in Tipton.

In addition, several sisters also planted jonquil bulbs which they had received from the Congregational Leadership Team, and added holy ground from their beloved Tipton home, to the holy ground at Nazareth. They asked that God bless the bulbs and the soil as a reminder that we are all one with each other, with creation and with our God.