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Between January 2009 and November 2014, Sister Jacqueline Goodin ministered at St. Joseph Hostel, a residence for girls and teenagers sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery. The Hostel is in Songea, a small rural town in southwest Tanzania, an East African country. For five years she worked alongside other Sisters of St. Joseph caring for the girls’ day-to-day needs.  The Hostel provides a safe and caring environment which allows the girls to complete their high school education in town.  For more information on the Hostel and how you might be of help, please email Sister Jacqueline at jgoodin@csjoseph.org


Keeping up with …
                   “Our” girls at St. Joseph Hostel in Tanzania

The four girls who receive scholarship assistance (from you) at St. Joseph Hostel in Songea, Tanzania recently wrote me about their progress. All are now in the second year of high school. Here below are their words, not only to me, but really to all who pray for them and to all who have contributed for their education. Please continue to hold these four girls in your hearts since all are studying anxiously and with dedication National Examinations in November; a successful passing grade is required for them to continue with their formal education.

Claudia Mhagama

Dear Sr. Jackie,
How about you? I hope you are fine. I am fine here, but I miss you so much, my dear Sister. I want to inform you that I changed schools because there was no science teacher at my old school. I give you many thanks for helping me in my studies, and I promise you I will pray for you in my prayers always until my death. Also, I ask you to pray for me in order to complete my aims because I want to be an engineer in order to visit you in America with my aeroplane. Please remember me by singing that song “We are one, all is one, we are all one.” Sr. Jackie, greet all your family. God bless you in your life. Goodbye. From Claudia.

Everina Chipeta 

Dear Sr. Jack,
I hope you are fin. As for me, I am fine, too. I am studying well here in Tanzania. I am happy and thanks to God for what you are doing for me. The purpose of writing this letter is, first, to say a big thank you and also thanks to Sr. Purnima who gave this chance to communicate with you. Second, I say thanks for your help up until now—GOD BLESS YOU. Third, about my life at the Hostel. I live well with the Sisters and other girls at the Hostel. I do well my [cleaning] responsibility. At school, my school result is normal. I CAN SAY THANKS TO GOD. And when I finish my school, I want to be a teacher. My health is not good because many times I was sick with malaria, and also my eyes were giving me trouble. But now I am O.K. I continue to do well in my studies. I would like to thank you very much, my lovely Sister. I wish all the best in your life. I will remember you all my life. I miss seeing you. My hope one day I will see you again. Byeeeeeee. It is me, Everina.

Hadija Lyoni

Dear Sr. Jack,
How are you? I hope you are fine. On my side, I am fine and doing well. The purpose of this letter is as follows: 1) I give you my heartfelt thanks for everything you are doing for me. 2) Thanks for all the things you gave to Sr. Purnima for us. And 3) for taking care of my B.P. [last year Hadija was diagnosed with very high blood pressure and required daily medication which the scholarship fund paid for]. Thank you very much for your help you gave before leaving. Although you are far, please still think of us. I am doing well in my studies. I am living with my Sisters well. I wish all the best in your life. When I finish my secondary school and pass my NECTA (National Examination) I would like to be a secretary. I miss you so much. From Hadija.

Rose Masenha

Dear Sr. Jack,
I hope you are fine. And you are doing o.k. in your other activities. I am also fine including my health and my studies here in St. Joseph Hostel. The purpose of writing to you this letter is to tell you the following: First of all, I would like to thank you for your help to us. I am very grateful for your help. Secondly, I want to tell you that I am doing well in my studies and now I am in Form II. Already second term [semester] has started and teaching is going on in full swing. Sr. Purnima has paid the school fees for this term. I pray to God so that He can help me and I think the Lord has heard my prayers because now I am doing o.k. Things here at the Hostel are normal. Sr. Purnima takes competition [quizzes] every 15 days so that we can learn more. Some of us get prizes, too. Sometimes it is only pipi [candy]. When I finish my education and pass my exams, I would like to be a doctor. Please, Sister, pray for us and we will pray for you. I wish you all the best in your life and GOD BLESS YOU. Yours sincerely, Rose.