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Copyright©2008. Congregation of Saint Joseph.

Congregation of St. Joseph
Human Trafficking Position Statement

We, the Congregation of St. Joseph, Gospel women committed to our charism of unifying inclusive love, are impelled to promote right relationships and denounce the slavery of human trafficking in all of its forms wherever it exists.

We are committed in collaboration with others to:

1)    Educate ourselves and others on the issues around human trafficking,
2)    Work to eliminate the root causes of trafficking within the system and hold perpetrators accountable.
3)    Assist victims in their escape from slavery in whatever ways we can,
4)    Support those who minister directly or indirectly with victims,
5)    Use our strength as consumers and investors to promote a society that addresses the incentives for human trafficking.
6)    Make our voices heard in legislative bodies to pass laws against trafficking.

-  27 million people are caught in modern-day slavery across the world. Source: Kevin Bales of Free the Slaves.
-  800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every year and between 14,500 and 17,500 of those victims are trafficked into the U.S. Source: U.S. Department of State, Trafficking in Persons Report: 2007.
-  1 million children are exploited by the global commercial sex trade, every year. Source: U.S. Department of State, The Facts  About Child Sex Tourism: 2005.
-  80% of transnational victims are women and girls. Source: U.S. Department of State, Trafficking in Persons Report: 2007.
-  $32 billion of profit are generated by the human trafficking industry annually,
-  $15.5 billion is made in industrialized countries. Source: ILO, A global alliance against forced labor: 2005.
-  Learn about your local and state laws that deal with protecting victims and bringing perpetrators to justice,
-  Share this information with your church community and ministry setting,
-  Write a letter to the editor sharing your concern and knowledge about trafficking,
-  Commit to praying regularly and fast one day each month for victims of trafficking and their perpetrators
-  Distribute brochures and posters from the Rescue & Restore campaign located at www.acf.hhs.gov/trafficking.
(This statement supports the Human Trafficking Statement promulgated by the US Federation of Sisters of St. Joseph)