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Advent Reflections - 2014

We all know the language of Advent: Be Watchful! Stay Awake! The Kin-dom of God is at hand!  Sunday, November 30th, we begin the new Liturgical Calendar with the first week of Advent, 2014.

As Sisters and Associates of St. Joseph, we are committed to doing our part to bring about God’s unity in our world. This Advent and Christmas season, we invite you to join us in prayer and action. Spend your Advent and the weeks leading to the New Year with us, consciously offering and receiving God’s Great Love in your encounters with the dear neighbor near and far. Where are you finding God in the stories of your own lives?

Weekly reflections written by sisters or associates will appear on our website and posted on our Facebook page throughout Advent and for Christmas and New Year’s Day. They will be posted on Thursdays each week before Christmas, and also on Christmas Day and New Year's Day, so we invite you to check back.

Advent, Christmas and New Year’s blessings from all of us!

First Sunday of Advent
November 30, 2014

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